Thoracic Surgery

Research plays a central role within our group with experience in experimental and clinical studies for more than 10 years. At least 3 members of our group have large experience with research in many domains of thoracic and vascular medicine. This is reflected by the scientific output and growing number of studies performed. From this year, our group has a separate research unit which allows us to perform studies according to international and ISO standards.

Thoracic research includes diagnostics, surgery, endoscopy, thoracoscopy.

Research infrastructure

  • Laboratory for Experimental Surgery: fully equiped for thoracic animal research
  • Clinical: All diagnostic and therapeutic tools for high-level thoracic surgery are available; Phase I study facilities within the hospital; weekly EC meetings throughout the year; Datamanaging

Research expertise

  • Experimental: isolated lung perfusion for the treatment of pulmonary metastases; ischemia/reperfusion studies within the field of LTx
  • Clinical: isolated lung perfusion; (re)mediastinoscopy; mesothelioma; induction chemotherapy; thoracic wall disorders such as pectus excavatum; robotic surgery

Research projects

Current projects relate to malignant, ischemic and structural diseases of the mediastinum, lung, pleura and thoracic wall


A list of publications can be found on pubmed or within the annual UZA report.

Research contact

Prof. dr. P. Van Schil